I hate redditors.

I hate homeless people. And seriously dislike the people who act like it’s not their fault. I work in big cities all over the country. And when I get off work I like to walk. It’s getting harder to walk in any big city because of the sheer number of beggars. And they are getting more aggressive. The fact that they live on the street is a ...

One of the most intense experiences a person can have is attending a job interview. You try your best to impress the boss and land a fantastic job. As expected, these situations ca....

Most people don't hate 'conservatives', they dislike the party line of the Republican party and what they represent right now. If you actually engaged in discussion in r/politics, you would see that redditors are, as a whole, much more informed and intelligent about politics than the front page would lead you to believe. 4.Reddit has a couple of reasons for not liking Tumblr. First is that Tumblr has quite strict limits about the sizes of gifs - I think it's 1-2MB. Which means that a lot of gifs that go round reddit aren't even allowed on Tumblr, which seems a bit silly. Further, the reblogging system means that almost everything is a repost by design.Redditors need to shut the fuck up about things they hate. "Look at me! I hate this thing! I hate that! I hate everything! I'm such a badass!". Yes, we get it, you're so cool for hating something popular. This is the reason I left the site a while ago. If redditors aren't spending time praising PewDiePie or Keanu Reeves, fapping to Big Chungus ...Don't get me wrong, I love Houston and could definitely live here after I graduate from college - especially somewhere inside the loop. Houston has a great economy, and the Montroose and Heights neighborhoods are great for younger people - lots of bars, walkability etc,. I just hate the weather in the summer, and it is noticeably dryer in Austin.

This is just so typical. You tell someone you were the victim of bigotry and they tell you you weren't. It's so asinine to tell someone, particularly someone you don't know from a hole I'm ground, that their experience isn't their own.

I hate that people are morbidly obese. Wouldn't you? Having an extra 5/10/20 even 50 pounds is one thing, but weighing in at 350-500 lbs, if not more, just isn't alright. It's beyond ignoring a problem, it's a mental disorder.I hate school because before I started to actually try in school (1 year ago) I literally just got passed along through every grade even in high school. My best example is my sophomore year I failed 5 or 6 of the 8 classes I took. I did not try at all and I didn't even are.

Posted by u/[Deleted Account] - 16 votes and 18 commentsPosted by u/kekemomfifi - 1 vote and 8 commentsThe Rise and Fall of a Racist Corner of Reddit. As the social news site tries to grow up, its managers are struggling to figure out what to do with communities like r/niggers. By Bridget Todd. July...This is the greatest reddit comment thread of All TimeA very common thing among many people: Learn about a new place/thing/animal Act like you’ve known this place/thing/animal for ages. Stick up for this place/thing/animal in ways that aren’t actually helping but make you look good at all opportunities.

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This subreddit is a place for redditors to motivate each other to quit vaping. We welcome anyone who wishes to join in by asking or giving advice, sharing stories, or just encouraging someone who is trying to quit. Even though • ...

persephonehadeshi. •. I hate tiktok for 3 main reasons: It's creators made the ahegao faces to a song which depicted the good child syndrome. In my country a LOT of creators made vids encouraging people to not follow covid distancing rules, tiktok could've removed the content but it didn't..

Honestly I think a lot of Redditors are virginal geeks, or just plain assholes. They have paper thin virtues and they get their rocks off on being big bad keyboard warriors because they're social rejects probably. It's well-known that many Redditors are overwhelmingly young men in tech jobs, so it fits the mold.Its sidebar proclaims that they died for their cause, noting, "In 2013, Reddit declared war on freethinking subscribers of an uncensored community known as r/niggers. These martyrs were shadow ...I fucking hate Spring and Summer. Fucking BUGS Wasps, beatles and other stinging and/or biting insects galore in warm weather. Can't even step outside for five minutes without at least a few annoying fuckers encircling you. Even worse when you happen to have food or a drink with you, even when it isn't sugary or anything, they still insist on ...A lot of guys on reddit are bitter because they view women as having an easier time in areas redditors tend to struggle in. For example, whenever dating/forever alone/losing your virginity comes ...ADMIN MOD. Hating white people doesn't make you cool or woke, it just makes you a racist asshole. Rant. All the people I know, including my best friend openly talk about their hatred for white people like it's nothing, and yesterday I was looking through Instagram stories and my cousin who always posts racial equality shit posted a tiktok ...The term redditor refers to an individual who actively uses the social media platform Reddit. Redditors have their own Reddit accounts and engage with the content on the platform. They can create their own posts, comment on others' posts, and participate in discussions within various subreddits, which are topic-specific communities on Reddit.

u/I_hate_redditors. Scan this QR code to download the app now. Or check it out in the app storesYou are correct to feel heavy about that choice. It was very much fucked up to do. It's also something dumbass young individuals would do. So your mind is correct to "hate" the fact that you chose to go thru with it. But also understand this. You didn't snowball. You didn't continue. You didn't find any type of sick pleasure for it.Why I hate redditors . whitpeopletwitter Also, this reminds me of how I got into semen retention. Let me explain. I've always had a thing for mixed race (black/white) women. Must have started with my stepmother. I'm also a pasty redhead like Harry, so you might see where this story is going. ...Goddamit I fucking hate them so much. EDIT: How I feel going through all the messages my thread has received. Archived post. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. ... It's really not that unusual for some people out in the world to be "Redditors", just like they might be "eBayers" or "flickrers" or "TMZers" or what have you ...I hate redditors. I hate redditors. I hate redditors. I hate them with my entire soul. Whenever I see a redditor, I want to kill myself. They contribute nothing to this planet. Redditors are the most disgusting creatures to ever walk the earth. Except they don't actually ever touch the earth.Why I hate redditors . whitpeopletwitter Also, this reminds me of how I got into semen retention. Let me explain. I've always had a thing for mixed race (black/white) women. Must have started with my stepmother. I'm also a pasty redhead like Harry, so you might see where this story is going. ...I promise you, this thing goes both ways between city people and rural/small town people, and it's not as bad as it seems. It's just that as someone not from the big city, you're only exposed to the big city people's bullshit, so you don't know how bad rural people are about this.

from what I know on redditors a "chungus" is an obese animal. "Chonkers" or "chungus" are not cute, they are grossly unhealthy. It doesn't matter what people nickname their animals. I call my cat chonkers because he's big and in no way is he unhealthy. In the comments they were talking about their dogs passing away.

I think the real reason Redditors hate capitalism is because it's making us lonely Unpopular in General First off, don't get me wrong, there are definitely some good sides to capitalism. Things like air conditioning, electricity, and refrigerators have allowed us to live better lives than the richest person 300 years ago. ...The reason that it seems that all redditors are constantly seeing reposts is because if it's new content to one user, it's most likely old content to another. 2. Reply. [deleted] • 10 yr. ago. 1. Reply. [deleted] • 10 yr. ago.u/I_hate_redditors. Scan this QR code to download the app now. Or check it out in the app storesEspecially in real life - It sounds retarded. I hate when people say, "I'm not racist, but (insert unfounded, bigoted stereotype here)." Heh, or the ancillary, "Hey, I'm not racist, I have black friends!" Soon followed by "white people can be called 'n-words', too".ADMIN MOD. I hate how reddit hates conservatives. I hate how reddit hates conservatives so much and instead of having a discussion with conservatives they just shit on them. Ex: I have seen a poston on AITA where A dude asked if he is the a-hole for having a different political opinion the his friend and not wanting to talk about it.I hate redditors who have their pet in frame when they're trying to show something off to get extra upvotes . Just take a picture of the thing you got. This thread is archived New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast comments ...SchuminWeb. • 9 yr. ago. You stay motivated by getting out of a toxic situation like that and into a better job. Life is too short to be stuck in a job that sucks the life out of you. Reply. tenbeersdeep. • 9 yr. ago. I got out of the military and got a new job. This one sucks too but, not anywhere near as bad.

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Around me a lot of courses are built beneath dams and in flood plains. If it weren’t turned into a golf course it’d just be a ditch that nobody would pay to use. 1. Reply. It seems that golf gets more hate than most other sports or hobbies. Some argue that golf courses are a waste of space, consume too many resources….

Apr 19, 2022 · #TF2 #TeamFortress2 #ShortsTeam Fortress 2 (TF2) is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by Valve. It consists of...2.1M subscribers in the TrueOffMyChest community. A place to get personal things off your chest. Not for opinions, not for relationship advice, and… This place does have some complete turds lurking about, there's a few ...Not all Redditors hate billionaires and capitalism. Of those that do, they may or may not hate all billionaires and parts of capitalism. The problem that educated folks have with this concept in general is that many billionaires become billionaires by abusing political lobbying schemes to ensure they can pay their employees shit wages, offer ...17 Jun 2023 ... Comments8.9K. Kyotosomo. Asking a Redditor to stay away from Reddit for more than 48 hours is like asking a Twitter user ...Hate how being fat is considered “cringe”. r/trans • I hate that blatant transphobia is allowed to run rampant on big subs like r/askreddit, and if you try and combat it or at least ask them to be respectful, you’re downvoted to hell…Share your burning hot takes and unpopular opinions! Atheists are the most self righteous assholes I've ever met. Maybe it's not an unpopular opinion or maybe I've just seen it too often on Reddit, but atheists are the biggest circle jerking, high horse riding group of individuals I've ever seen. Constantly fingering each other like ...Very well said. I don't hate being a extrovert but I totally get what you're saying. Just like introverts can't control their personality traits neither can extroverts. I have been extroverted my whole life. I never mean to annoy anyone by my talking. I'm trying to accept myself 31 extrovert and all. :-)Most people only hate the vegans that try and make everyone else vegans too and constantly critique you for being a "murderer" and think they're superior. Other than those people there is some unnecessary hate towards vegans. I believe it's because of the image those bad vegans paint for them.I hate wearing bras.. Female Locked post. New comments cannot be posted. Share Add a Comment. Be the first to comment ... This community is for Delhi open-minded Adult Redditors to show their kink in a comfortable environment without pressure so Connect, Exhibit and Go WildThings Redditors absolutely hate, but know next to nothing about starter pack. What is it about customers having to subsidize workers wages with tips that you think people don't understand. Because they way you want the system to be and the actual way it is are two different things. You're right, we should be paying servers more.Having learned from the imbroglio that followed—and with the site's policy on what constitutes harassment now explicitly defined—Redditors seeking to engage in hate speech began forming or ...We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Why do I hate myself? Disclaimer: I am going to delete this post in 12 hours I'm now 19 but I've hated myself for as long as I can remember. I never go easy on myself for the mistakes I make and I simply do not think of myself as worthy of anyone's love. ... In this thread, we share viral videos as old as most Redditors youtubeReddit (/ˈrɛdɪt/) is an American social news aggregation, content rating, and forum social network. Registered users (commonly referred to as "Redditors") submit content to the site such as links, text posts, images, and videos, which are then voted up or down by other members. Posts are organized by subject into user-created boards called ...Welcome to r/aiArt ! A community focused on the generation and use of visual, digital art using AI assistants such as Wombo Dream, Starryai, NightCafe, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and more. gaby espino net worth The exact same reason "imgurians" hate us, and we hate 9gag and FunnyJunk, and dudes paint their faces team colors at ball games, and rednecks put huge flags on their lawns and chant "USA! USA!" whenever they can: My chosen in-group is the BEST! Fuck your chosen in-group!I hate some Redditers with a passion! I seriously don't understand why some people feel the need to respond rudely to people that aren't being rude at all. It's not about anyone at all from this subreddit, so please don't think I'm talking about you!!! I always respond with facts and I'm always extremely polite to people that are rude on purpose. anavar transformation 27 Oct 2015 ... ... decided in August that some of its most racist, hate-filled Web forums violated its standards and were making Reddit “worse for everyone else.” palamerican teamhub I hate that autistic/disabled people are viewed as subhuman by so many. There was a recent reddit thread asking if people would get abortions if they found out the child would have a serious disability. Long story short I said that if someone cannot handle a disabled child they should not have kids because not every disability can be determined ... image mate seneca county I fucking hate Spring and Summer. Fucking BUGS Wasps, beatles and other stinging and/or biting insects galore in warm weather. Can't even step outside for five minutes without at least a few annoying fuckers encircling you. Even worse when you happen to have food or a drink with you, even when it isn't sugary or anything, they still insist on ... nz song bad hair day I'm sorry if I sound weird in this vid, I've been going through some shit lately and I don't have to motivation to do anything. Twitter: https://twitter.com/...26 Nov 2020 ... dislike icon. 79% (391). like icon. share icon. tags icon I Hate RedditorsAnd I Hate Reddit · ehhh don't really care honestly. By llllllllll- ... can kratom cause kidney stones Welcome to r/aiArt ! A community focused on the generation and use of visual, digital art using AI assistants such as Wombo Dream, Starryai, NightCafe, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and more. Thank you for your postAsterJ. •• Edited. While he is not hated in general u/Gallowboob probably has the most total haters due to his very broad fame. Probably a minority of people hate him for karma whoring but it is a percentage of a very, very large pie. EDIT: Dude gave me gold... someone tell me how to feel! Reply reply. craigslist av free About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday TicketNot for opinions, not for relationship advice, and not for preaching. I hate most liberals and I am liberal. Yesterday on r/politics a post was created titled, "The Myth of Liberal Intolerance." The top comment at the time that I was reading the comments was, "Demanding that people be treated with respect regardless of race, color, gender, or ... w2 box 14 ctpl 413 votes, 197 comments. Sick of the petty downvoting. Sick of the snarky comments whenever I simply ask for advice. Sick of the fedora wearing… mood couple goals Skip to main content. Open menu Open navigation Go to Reddit Home. u/i__hate__redditors A chip A close button A chip A close button little's funeral home littlestown pa In 2017, Reddit also banned almost 1,000 accounts connected with Russia's Internet Research Agency. Despite these bans, Reddit's open racism, sexism, and hate ...If you hate a group of ppl based on your perspective, then your the issue period. There’s a lot of good ppl on both sides, and I would bet you have a lot in common with them. If you wanna admit it or not. minty green house fixer upper sold Reddit has enough salty redditors who either fight to the death for their crap opinions or those who just disappear the moment the get a disagreeing response. And that's just reddit alone. ... Standing up for women on this sub will get you downvotes, massive hate and insults. You'll get the same if you defend men in r/AmITheAsshole. I've ...Vistaprint, marketing and design partner to small businesses, have partnered with PayPal to offer touch-free payment solutions. Vistaprint, marketing and design partners to small b...